Let me introduce myself

My name is Ineta Stanley and i am full time Dog Trainer, mummy to 6 year old boy Kayden and a house wife to my amazing husband Kevin. Not forgetting, best friend, sister and mum to Lexi too 

Before dog training, i worked in many different industries:

i was bar made, waitress, lifeguard, swimming teacher, Duty Manager, Receptionist and finally- Dog Trainer

I found my passion when i was little. I loved all dogs, no matter what breed, what size or their behaviour. 100% everyone loves well behaved dog, but me- I love bit of challenge.

I was born and raised in Lithuania, Kaunas and all our dogs treated a little different from UK. 

Most of our dogs was guard dogs and many mixed breeds in houses. To have a pure breed, you had to have lots of money, but, as we didn't have a lot, we stuck with mixes.

i could approach any dog on chaos, go to their kennels and take them for good run- not even their owners could do that. 

Then 5th August 1999 i came to UK. I was missing my dogs, but i had to work and earn money to live, plus, houses that i lived in was shared accommodation and not allowed a dog.

I 2015, i met my husband and i made him to make me a promise, when we get a house and get married, we buy a puppy. And we did- his name is Bengy and he is a Golden Retriever. 

I did not have a clue how to train my pup properly, so we signed up for classes. He was amazing, but i did not like Police, strict style of training- as i wasn't even allowed to stroke or play with the dogs. 

Then i took him to a different venue. There was 4 classes going on at the same time in the same hall. Trainers dogs were not very nice as they tried to attack puppies while walking past him. I didn't like it either.

Then, i looked into how to become a dog trainer

Lots of reading, attending courses and seminars and still learning until this day, i started helping local community to train their dogs.

After few months, my friend encouraged me to open my first dog training school and they all attended classes to give me confidence in training- that was the best feeling in the world. 

Classes became very popular and we opened our second, third and fourth schools. Then, unfortunately i became ill with Type 1 Diabetes and i had to drop one school, as i was always tired and 85% of the time asleep.

This year 2018, will be 10years that we started training dogs, and i could not be more thankful and grateful to all customers, whom a lot are our friends now too. 

Thank you all, my life would be very different without you. 


Dog Trainer 

This is me

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