Shell Elizabeth reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 3 May 2016

I used top dog boarding a year a go and after having  people refuse to look after my dog as she is lively or letting her do whatever she wanted to the point she was completly different after. Not only is Ineta one of the few people Amber listens to but Amber came back happy and well behaved. We also have been walking with her free of charge, as Ineta is the only person I would trust to let Amber off the lead. What makes her different to all the other services/trainers is she is not in it for the money, she really cares about all the dogs and is happy to take on more the difficult ones and one is one of very few who are both great with animals and a people person. It is great to see her get some much needed help from Ginge who is really good with the dogs and really cares about them too.

Nicole Jessup reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star - 27 December 2017 

Ineta & Lexi have been brilliant with helping us training our Newfoundland. It’s not only helped us be more confident with him but allows the dogs to socialise and meet other dog owners. We’ve already recommended Top dog training to people we’ve met out on walks and will definitely be going to the next classes so we can continue training.

Samantha Caplehorne reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star

25 October 2017 · 

Just received our puppy class pass certficate � I'm so glad we joined top dog training school to help teach us and our doggy duke, he has come such a long way since the first day and importantly he enjoys going to the classes and he's such a joy to take out for walks and to know he will get on well with other dogs while out and about. Such lovley people and it's so nice to see all the dogs having a play before the class starts ... can't wait for the bronze class to start.

Agne Agnyte reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star  28 December 2014 ·

Such a great people, so much love and passion for dogs. The moment I met Ineta and her lovely family I knew Sumo will be in great hands while we are away. You get daily messages, photos and videos which is fab. I've never believed Sumo could stay in the same room with so many other dogs, or be off the lead, but, Ineta, you worked magic! Top Dog is not just for home boarding, it's for bunches of love, amazing knowledge, training, socialising and much more! 5* place for your dog! Huge Thanks to Ineta, Kevin and little star Kayden! See you in April! kiss emoticon

Lin Davies reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star - 7 February 2018

Brilliant dog training and wonderful people

Tamlyn Jones reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star
8 February ·

I cannot praise Top Dog Training or Ineta highly enough. My very excitable 4 month staffy love love loves the classes and the difference in her over the course is incredible. Looking forward to the next level!

Gary Adams reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 16 December 2014 · 

My puppy Sam has been to top dog training for 6 weeks and the confidence shown by the trainers is brilliant. The level of fun involved too helps with the owners stress levels. Sam has done more than I expected in what I thought was a short time. Ineta and Kevin are brilliant. Can't wait for the next level training for Sam. Well done (try it to believe it).

Betake Smela reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 15 October 2017

Top Dog Training School was recommended to me and now I will most definitely recommend it to others. Great atmosphere, so many good advises. Really friendly and what's most important my Fluffy really learnt some very useful commends.  Can't wait to start Bronze classes!

Magda Hopek reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 15 October 2017

My puppy finished his training, Ineta is brilliant, I will highly recommend Top Dog Training for professional approach to each dog � thanks again;)

Judy Stevenson reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 2 April 2016

We've done our Foundation and Bronze awards with Top Dog and have learnt so much to help us be good owners. Really recommend them to anyone.

Kate Barnes reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star- 17 December 2017 · 

Loved our 6 week puppy course & can't wait to get back in January for Bronze! Thanks so much. Arthur has a blast every week! Xx

Taylar West reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star
22 November at 20:02 ·

I used Ineta for training from Puppy through to the Silver classes. She is amazing at what she does and works wonders with all dogs...they all love her!!! I also used Ineta and Kevin for day care and boarding whilst on holiday and they made sure to keep me updated as to how he was getting on. If I ever got another puppy I wouldn't hesitate to get back in contact with her and she loves what she does and the dogs love to be with her!

Leanne Stephens reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star - 8 February 2018

Great 1-2-1 Training session in the park

Jenny Midhurst reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 8 February 2018

Ineta was recommended to us by some friends, and I’m so glad we found her, she’s so welcoming and loves every single dog as if they were her own. Highly recommend to everyone 

Becky Brinklow reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 24 May · 

Just picked up Busky, our beagle, from a weeks stay with Ineta & Kevin. At 8 months he is very much in his rascal stage... Constantly upto no good. We have noticed a lot of difference in Busky since we picked him up yesterday. He is not jumping up at anyone, he is not getting up on the sofa. We have also completed a six week puppy class with top dog training and the help and advice we have had from Ineta and Kevin is amazing, they go beyond the line of duty and are always on the other end of the phone. I would be lost without them. Starting the bronze class next week and cannot wait. I would recommend top dog training to anyone! Amazing people with a real love and understanding of dogs xx

Glen Roe reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star  25 May · 

I have to say I have learnt so much in the 6 weeks on the puppy training course. Most importantly about the psychology of dogs and how really a puppy is not much different to having a child. So now I have 4 kids instead of 3! Casper has benefited from being socialised massively and we often bump in to Kevin and Ineta over the park and he loves playing with their pack. I would highly recommend Top Dog training school as they are excellent at what they do but most importantly love what they do.

Kat Whysall reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 24 August 2014 · 

Absolutely fantastic - had Milo boarded before with Laura and walked and he loved it, and we Lina walks Milo when my mum goes back to work. He adores everyone here and Ineta is so good with the dogs. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Paul Skelton reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 4 April 2017

Just finished the bronze level and passed, so impressed with the training, my dog was crazy with no boundaries. After the first week I saw a change that I wasn't expecting , which encouraged me to teach him more at home. After six weeks he's a different dog and it's all down to Ineta's calm and clever knowledge, and her companion Lexi. Thankyou to you both. I highly recommend this class if your pup is not listening or just need a friend to guide the way.

Kay Johnson reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star - 18 December 2017 · 

Really enjoyed attending puppy classes with top dog training. I had no clue about how to train my dog before and they have taught me really useful and necessary training technics and how to keep my dog healthy too.
Highly recommend and will definitely be attending the next training stage! They were also very accommodating when my lil boy attended classes with me

Kellie McEnteggart reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 2 April 2017

Look forward to my Sundays with Teddie at Dog Training. Ted loves it and we've learnt so much even in the first 6 weeks. Ineta is a fantastic trainer who knows her stuff and is so good with all the dogs. Fun training couldn't recommend Top Dog highly enough. X

Robert Langford reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 10 August · 

Very informative. Not just training but also about taking care of your dogs health and also their behaviour as to why they do things. Makes it a lot easier to stop unwanted behaviour. Highly recommend. Also socialises young dogs in a group of like minded people.

Emily Owen reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 2 May at 2016 

I would highly recommend this course! Helping us with our little Ellie! ❤️


Nicki Janes reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 8 April 2016 

I pressed "I loved it" but that was for Dodger. He loved going and playing with his friends, even though he got a bit to excited with some. 
I totally recommend this course and if you witnessed our boy's first day, then his last day and the total difference, you would recommend it as well. Ineta is brilliant with the dogs and they all seem to adore her.

Tarryn Usher Sandilands reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 23 August 2014 · 

Howie is very happy to be looked after by Top Dog. We would not take him anywhere else! Xxx

Lesley Hasson-Egan reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 12 October 2014 · 

Brilliant puppy classes (both for pup and for owner!). Brilliant home boarding for dogs (and pups too). Have already completed puppy course and a home boarding stay and would thoroughly recommend both! 5* (10/10)

Chris Wait reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 24 October at 2017 · 

Ineta is great with the dogs, very friendly, relaxed atmosphere enjoyed going.

Lianne Moseley-Mould reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 14 November 2014 · 

Our mini goldendoodle Django has boarded with Ineta many times and absolutely loves it! When we get to the front door to drop him off, he begs to go in smile emoticon The thing we like most about Ineta is that she clearly really loves dogs.


Natalie Jose reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 26 March 2016

Started the puppy training courses 5 weeks ago feeling sceptical (felt like my puppy would never learn) however in such a short amount of time she has learnt so much and better still so have I. Each lesson has been packed full of information to help train our puppy! We also used the home boarding and it was so nice to know I could go away knowing my puppy was in safe hands. You can tell this is Inetas passion and I'm so glad I found her school! I fully recommend!!

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Louise Anderson reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 24 April at 2016

Having a fab time training Lola (our Jack Russell pup) with Ineta and Ginge. I had to take our toddler today who loved it just as much as Lola did and even told me off as I wasn't doing my homework properly ! Getting some fab tips and advice plus the dog who wouldn't walk without the kids, now walks for ages without the kids !! #doglegend #happypup

Sharon Thurston reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 18 October · 

The puppy training class is such a great way for puppies (and their owners) to socialise. Ineta is amazing with the puppies and they all love her. Both me and Monty have learnt so much whilst having a great time. So proud of him for passing the puppy course and have already signed up for the bronze. Thank you so much Ineta for your advice and patience - roll on the 10th November

Sophie Hodson reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 24 October at 2017 · 

Very fun & informative courses with knowledgeable & experienced staff, was a great introduction to training for my puppy.

Dawn Tunak reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star
24 January · 

Brilliant School, Sherman loves it and has learnt so much in a very short time.


Claire McCabe reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 14 February · 

Brought my puppy staffie here to training classes which she successfully completed and passed! Ineta is just brilliant knows exactly what she's doing, classes were very friendly and Roxy absolutely loved it! Can't wait to start the bronze training in 2 weeks would highly recommend!

Caroline Hill reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 stars 10 March 2016

Ineta has trained and looked after our Ruby since she was 5 months old. She is the most caring, dog loving and energetic person we have met. I highly recommend the training classes not just because of the top notch training, but also for the very good advice and tips along the way...and if you are planning a holiday away your little darling will be treated like one of the family and well cared for.

Shelley Harrison reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 23 January ·

Ineta is an amazing trainer - you just need to watch her dogs listen to her commands to know that! Rex is also doing so well in his puppy classes too! Can't wait to get him booked in for homeboarding sleepover parties!!! wink emoticon xx

Melanie Harber reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 2 January 2016

Excellent, attended puppy classes with my boy Bear a stubborn Cane Corso! The classes were great very easy to follow great training for both of us.Learnt so many new tricks & information we never new. Going to bronze classes this Jan Would recommend to anyone 

 Denise Sheldon reviewed Top Dog Training   School – 5 star 3 August 2016 

My 'Naughty Nigel' attended & passed the Bronze Class. He's still a tad bit naughty but the difference between the first and last class, well, the improvement is almost unbelievable! Thank you Ineta & Ginge, looking forward to seeing you for the next class up! Cannot recommend these ladies enough! Lots of great tips & so helpful, knowledgeable and very patient with us all. Thank you so much! x


Faye Hellings reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 26 July · 

First class puppy and dog training school. Ineta is excellent with the dogs and trainers!!!!

Rebecca Hobbs reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 5 August 2016 

Me and my staffie socks have just finished the bronze training class and we absolutely loved it!! Cannot thank Ineta and the team enough, socks is very excitable and this has gone some way to taming him!! Ineta has given me so many tips to help me at home and when walking him!! We can't wait to start our silver class in September!! Thanks you so much, I will be recommending you to all my friends  :) xxx

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Tina Ludlow
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Five Stars 


​7th February 2018
Me and Otis enjoyed our Puppy Training at Top Dog Training School, it was our favourite night of the week. Ineta is an excellent trainer and she provided some much needed advise on Puppy behaviour also. We will definitely be booking a further course to brush up on our training to ensure Otis is a well behaved and happy boy. 

Sue Graystone reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 25 January · 

An amazing place to go to learn all you need to know about training your puppy or dog. Ineta is friendly and extremely enthusiastic about dogs and it comes across in her training. I would highly recommend her.

Charley Smeeth reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 2 January 2017

Top dogs is fantastic! I took my puppy to bronze class and although we didn't make it to the last lesson she had already learnt so much. I learnt soo many new techniques and it meant my dog was able to socialise with all the other dogs which she very much needed! Ineta is so helpful in every situation and I have really taken on her advice. Every dog is given the attention they need and it was very reassuring for someone who suffers with anxiety like me, I loved taking my puppy each week and she loved it too! I have and would highly recommend top dogs training to anyone!

Emma Copley Was Yates reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 stars 24 April at 2016 · 

I'm getting such good tips at puppy class from Ineta, I learnt today that it would be better to get rid of the puppy pads, I ditched them as soon as I came back and we haven't even had an accident today :))) thanks so much, I don't want the course to end! X

Lisa Redgrave reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 10 March 2016

Bailey absolutely loved doing the puppy training, can't believe that was nearly 6 years ago. It was also a great experience for my mum and I to learn as Bailey was and still is our first dog. Highly recommend!! Ineta is so friendly and amazing at what she does, and Bailey still loves going round for his sleepovers when we need a sitter smile emoticon Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Rachel Holcroft reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 16 October 2014 · 

As first time dog owners, not only has our puppy learnt a lot from Ineta, but we both have too! We've completed puppy, bronze and silver awards with Top Dog Training School and have been very impressed with how we've managed to control and calm down the behaviour of our very hyper Labrador. Our dog has also stayed with Ineta while we've been away on holidays. While we've been away, Ineta spends time walking them and training them, which means a lot to us as we like to know he's well cared for! We've been very impressed with Top Dog Training School and Home Boarding and will definitely be using them again! Thank you so much for your help!

Claire Spencer reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star - 17 January 2018 

I cannot recommend Top Dog Training School highly enough! Ineta and Lexi are such lovely ladies and are really talented at what they do. Me and my ickle pup Vinnie had a 1-1 session with them yesterday and he has taken to their training like a duck to water! I am so impressed with everything - I can't wait to learn more and join one of their classes! xx

Jenny Marriott-Smith reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 1 May at 2016 

Loving our classes. Our puppy Sky is learning really quickly thanks to all the friendly advice and tips. It's great that our daughter can be involved as well.

Anoosh Amooie reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 22 November  

Ineta and Kevin are absolute dog lover, They look after your dog like their own, I'm so pleased to have met you guys

Amy Louise Spencer Smith reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 9 August · 

Absolutely amazing! Our little Frenchie loves it here! Xx

Kate Louise reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 16 October 2016

Fantastic course and trainer. Already looking forward to returning for the next course.

Michelle O'Brien reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 12 April · 

Bella and I have just passed our puppy training course, and we both loved it smile emoticon Ineta is the dog whisperer she is such a natural with dogs. Lovely lady, and Kevin is also lovely smile emoticon Cant wait to get our Bronze award and start the new training next week. Would definitely recommend with no hesitation. xxx.

Marilyn Kelly Deadman reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 5 November 2017 · 

I would definatly recommend "Top Dog Training School" to anyone who was looking for a dog trainer! They are great dog trainers & are very friendly!!!!! Xx 
Thanks to them, our dog is much better now than what she was. With the tools that they've given us, we will carry on training her on & off the lead. Thanks Ginge & Ineta xxx

Nicola Porter reviewed Top Dog Training School – 5 star 24 April at 2016 

Brilliant class, was recommended Top Dog training classes by a friend and I am so pleased! I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone! Can't praise them enough.

Thalita Vaz reviewed Top Dog Training School - 5 star 27 February · 

We highly recommend Top Dog Training School - they are the best. My dog always stays at boarding and we really love the way Ineta and her team care for our little one.