Kevin Stanley 

Kayden was born and raised around many dogs, he has grown up with different breeds and sizes dogs all of his life and he's now only 6years old.

He enjoys coming to work with his mummy to help train and help with all your beautiful pups, getting your puppy socialise with children, not just other dogs. 

​He doesn't get exited or overwhelmed with dogs, he is calm, content and respectful toward puppies and older dogs  he's more for the little breed for snuggles and being his best friend 

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Kevin, is my husband. He has Full time job but he also a big part of top dog training school and home boarding ​ Over the years Kevin has learned how to understand what you and your dog need He is the sensible, smart, funny and bit crazy one and dogs love his energy. 

At the end of each course, on week 6, puppies and dogs have a little test at the end of every course, he's the big fun daddy that says he doesn't love snuggles but as you can see by the photos he's just a big softy 

Kayden Stanley